InterCosme Co.,Ltd. Retail Section

Planning and development
We provide planning design, research and development ,manufacturing of cosmetics and miscellaneous goods all in-house routine.

Manufacturing Plant
Variety from smaller volume production to mass production. Each production facilities would be fulfilling to meet up customers’ needs.



The formula offers clean and comfortable room like pleasant clean blue sky.


Memorizes style in night to following morning-Leave-in treatment
EsthePack EstheMist


No longer! Painless! Foam facial cleansing and lotion with gentle carbonated water.
Norovirus Killer S

Norokiller S

[Instant Deodorant/Strong Disinfection Mist] made exclusively of food additives.

Removes bacteria and virus 99.9% that alcohol could not.

Reduce time in the morning!!
Memorizes style before sleep in night.

Skin would be happy with gentle carbonation!
Leads to fully moisturized and shiny glossy skin.


  • Decomposition removal for indoor pollen, mold spores, mite allergen.Update virus information from time to time on Twitter.

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